Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

This little building is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is where you need to take paperwork from other countries to get them authenticated. (See and, well, lots of other pages about the process.) It is located among the other government buildings, just south of the Chancelleria (which is a big, tall building).

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If someone needs to legalize a document in this Ministry must paid in the bank, usually C$ 15.00 (Cordobas) at the bank per document; however always there are two people one in the main entrance - a woman selling coca cola and other things - and a man in the back, in the fence, who sells the bill of the bank for C$ 10.00 Cordobas more that's mean by C$ 25.00 and will save time in a bank.

Legalizations or authentications are made immediately, however usually there are a lot of people waiting for the same job, so will be necessary to wait about one hour.-

If I am right people over 60's are assisted immediately!

It is funny a lot of foreign people complains about the bureaucracy in Nicaragua. The same paperwork in Mexico takes 3 days, so you must submit it and return 3 days later.!!!

Best Regards

Paul Tiffer Attorney at Law