Bello Panda

Bello Panda

This is a fast food restaurant in the food court of Plaza Inter. While there is no way I would call this fine dining, it is not bad (and much better than the other Chinese restaurant in the food court). It is actually Taiwanese, not Chinese food. Besides being generally above average, they actually have a Vegetarian plate.

If it is late in the day and you are happy with seafood, there are some options that they prepare to order rather than just dish up from the food warmers. The fact that they even understand mixed seafood and rice (or chowmein) is not going to be very interesting after sitting in the warmer for six hours along is pretty positive. And beer is only C$17.

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GOD, I love this country, 20 years ago I paid U$5.50 for a beer on the TRUMP Shuttle going to NYC from Washington.