Cheap Housing

Cheap Housing

This is one of the many new housing developments done by the government. These are all duplex units. There are others which are individual houses. In some of them, virtually everyone has satellite TV antennas on their roof. I asked one of my taxistas if it was something included in the purchase. He said no but it only cost something like $25/month. To me, this seemed strange rather than bringing cable TV into the new barrio.

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what is the exterior?

I can't see from the photo whether it's concrete or something else.

Looks like steel frame (perlines) and plycem.

From this shot anyhow.

The Housing Deficit : One of the most shocking reminders of Nicaragua's neoliberal past By Karla Jacobs, September 3rd 2010

2 basic construction systems

are being used on these projects.

Concrete block.

A system similar to the one used in north America for Concrete type walls along Highways. Posts with groves and concrete panels that slide are dropped in between the posts and stacked to form the walls.

They are certainly not using the steel frame type systems. Too expensive. I forgot which system they used on that project but I'll check next time I'm in Managua.

they also did a couple..

with the Styrofoam....with the metal wire on both sides.that they concrete over..they didnt do many of these..the ones in the photo are the posts and groves

Field Work

Great pics! Keep em coming.

Perhaps these residents are waiting for the new high speed internet to make at 'TV' obsolete!

Lot of areas don't have cable and when they do it costs more than Dish. Also cable like electric is easily stolen. They use splitters and connect 6 homes /TVs without using any powered amps. Basic Cable is easy to steal (or share)-Multiple LNBs for satellite still will require the crook to purchase a receiver for the TV.

Does anyone know of anyone in Managua that has been arrested for stealing cable or electricity?

fyl..if u took this photo accross ..

from the nat. assembly..this is the houses they moved all the tent people that were there for yrs..they put several families in 1 unit from what i heard..any where across from the nat. assembly would be prime real its low income housing..

Land issues

It's hard to come up with a logical answer here. This is all area flattened by the 1972 earthquake and sitting on a fault. The earthquake risk is the main reason Managua has become a ring of business with a growing residential core.

Thus, maybe this is prime property and maybe not. It's hard to say.

To support this position, look at Plaza Inter. It was the mall. Today, with the exception of a few fairly interesting places (such as Pops, an excellent ice cream vendor based in Costa Rica) you find the low-end Chinese goods importers similar to what you find on the streets of Estelí. These apparent anomalies make it hard to define what is prime real estate in Managua.

claro needed a..

mess of subscribers to help pay for there they made everyone in all the new houses..get biz. people..and of course the gov. went a long with it..

Same process around the world...

Few things change,,., as things change.