Horse at the Finca

Horse at the Finca

well trained horse...notice there's no bit in the bridle

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on bits...

no one uses them up in the waslala area..i think they only use them at the ??hippotecas

Any idea

what word the locals use for the bridle? I think I'm looking at a bridle over a halter in the photo - is that right?

Sounds right

I have never seen one on a regular horse in the Estelí/Tisey area either.

What kind of saddle do you use?

i would say..

its a western style saddle without the horn in was made in waslala and a couple of yrs. ago cost about a hundred bucks

Albarda vs. Montura

We have an albarda which Judy said was pretty much an English saddle. My butt says it is not the right thing. I want to get a montura, a western saddle, with a horn. A guy was supposed to make one for me but "got busy". A neighbor has one made by the same guy that looks really nice. C$4000 for a set which I think even includes spurs.

Note that these words may not get you the right things in Spain or even Mexico but they are the words used here.