Disarmament plan for Esteli - Whats going on up there?

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Residents of various neighborhoods and villages in the department of Estelí gave a thumbs up to the campaign to prevent and address violence and control the use of firearms in civilian hands.

Estelí was the second department (Carazo was first) to try the gun amnesty.

The plan is for anyone who is in possession of firearms to legalize their respective documents.

In the case of firearms that are for use and possession of the army or police, but they are in civilian hands, the deal is give em up now or face jail for three months to six years .

Weapons of war which are surrendered voluntarily to the police - no penalties.

The purpose of this plan of disarmament is to reduce the incidence of crimes committed with firearms, as well as to promote a culture of peace and tolerance, especially among the youth.

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Arms control

I was in Managua having dinner with an Australian doctor and his family. He related a 30% increase in violent crimes against households after Australia enacted draconian gun control and confiscation. Obviously the Ortega dictatorship is concerned about another uprising when he unconstituionally steals the next presidential election. A preemptive move against the population. Gun control never resulted in a safer society.

who use firearm to commit crimes ?

Just criminals.

Other deaths related to fire arms are accidents or circumstantial crimes.

If the campaign is aimed to reduce crime, is almost ineffective, criminals always have a way to get fire arms and even more powerful than the normal people have.

I don't know of any criminal willing to go to the authorities to give up its guns or get a registration.

I'm more afraid of the thousand security guard out there, bearing fire arm without the appropriate level of education, as well many cops.

When are they criminals?

Before or after the crime? Gun control, here like in that other country I no longer know about :-) is designed to address this. Some are in favor of waiting periods, others in proficiency tests or mental tests. Nicaragua uses the last two. But, again, all this has to do with how firearms are regulated, not about the subject at hand.

Um, cash for broken and obsolete guns?

Most US gun turn-in-for-cash schemes get broken and obsolete weapons. People are glad to have the cash for something they can't use. It always seems like a publicity stunt rather than anything particularly thought out, other than "After this date, your gun is illegal."

Nobody turns in a recent Smith & Wesson or Colt revolver or a recent pistol (ACP or Glock) that cost them several hundred dollars for whatever the handgun exchange people are offering, but an old revolver that can't be easily fed anymore, no problem. My guess that holding back first quality weapons would be even more the case here.

Rebecca Brown

some before and others after

You will see people out there that have not record, good behavior and sometime result in child predators...they were not criminals till they commit the crime.

Criminal ; we use to make reference to the individuals that use criminals act like a way of life, could be for simple psychological disorder or for money. And i don't going to touch the criminals that don't use guns, but make more money than average.

But discussing this, believing we have a respectable government , that follow the rule of law is naive. The act sure affect the right of people to bear guns, because besides the restrictions imposed by the law, is the discrimination of those controlling the power.

In other countries you can apply to buy a guns and the only that will be scrutinized, is your police record and mental stability (in some countries) but here; that guns dealers and police are in the hands of a political private power, the rules sure are different.

Who will be the stupid to give chance to theirs enemies to get a gun?

My father used to have a .308 with scope, a .222 also with scope, a .22 and like 3 pistol. You think they will allow this?

Not !!

They know they are oppressing people and will not take the risk. Period.

Link to Policia Nacional permit requirements

Ditto on the last comment

When the tip of the AK is scraping the ground off the shoulder strap it worries me!

I got a close up look at the AK shot in the car form a few weeks ago. It was quite the entry hole. It then hit the back panel door frame and closed door, almost made it through two skins or so of car body steel at that juncture but not quite.

Two things, An amnesty allows the authorities to say "You had your chance to hand in". The Registration procedure CAN give you a vague start point for an investigation. If my gun is stolen from SJdS and used in Esteli and say abandoned at a scene, they contact me and the witnesses to my crime may be able to help with some information. (I know, I know, real world and all that).

Nothing Special

Clearly, the question is "why Estelí" so there is no reason to turn this into a right to bear arms (or right to arm bears) issue. That is, of course, a vaild issue and maybe someone would like to start that discussion. But, right now, you can legally have firearms in Nicaragua of most reasonable types but registration is required.

As the article says, Carazo was first. There are lots of both illegal by type (an AK-47 likely being the most common) and unregistered weapons in Nicaragua. It is reasonable to assume you will find more in areas where the revolution was faught, in areas where the Contra war was faught and in areas with the greatest political divisions. If my police friend was around I would get his opinion on this but he now works in Jalapa and I haven't seen him in some time.

If my assumptions are correct, Estelí would be a good candidate as would Matagalpa and Jinotega. I would put Estelí higher on the list because most of the population is on or near the Pan American Highway. Also, the infrastructure to handle gun registration is well-established (Transito, the shrinks and such in the City of Estelí), and there is both a large national police facility and, if necessary, military base in Estelí. (I mention the military base as Javiar, our local ladron, has said he is not scared of the police but is scared of the military. Based on the fact that he is back here and everyone knows it, that seems to be right.)

Thus, my feeling is that Estelí was just a reasonable next step much like if there was some plan to give X-raysor some such medical procedure to everyone on a national level, Estelí would be the best place to start in the north as the regional hospital is here.

Why Esteli?....

As in the fight against communist opression, Esteli was the sight of the biggest conflicts in the 80's. Registration will lead to a database for confiscation down the road. Ortega is making plans to supress any armed citizenry challenges to his illegal re-election bids.

It only makes sense...

That if you have turned a blind eye to firearm possession for many years, you need an amnesty first. You give them an opportunity to hand them in or register them without punishment. You have now brought the line in the sand forward and eliminated years of neglect of the legislation.


is a issue related to right to bear arms. But if you want to impose your right like owner of this site. i will comply with that decision.

You like it our history and appreciate it yourself , to be proficient .

In Somoza era, was common for people to have must kind of firearms. Country people had the most powerful fire arms, nobody was worried about that, till they were used to overthrow the dictatorship.

Now is many restrictions to have a fire arm, the state( party government) is holding the power to decide who and what kind of firearms people can have.

The cause of this campaign can be just a legal action, but in the actual struggle of our country, is almost inevitable to bring such discussion.

PS: i know that people living in their paradise , the less they want to hear , is about possible problems, and is OK. But is there other countries with out this kind of problems...cheap ? i don't think so..

Right to bare arms? LOL

Right to bare arms? LOL


right to arm bears!


Oh, wasn't that what we were talking about? :-)

Good timing

Saturday May 14, 2011 - Naked Gardening Day - http://www.wngd.org/ You can join them. :-)

a mix

of law enforcement to reduce the use of firearms in the committing of criminal activities.

But also is the component "party government fear".

If the people retain arms, always will be the chance to use them against the oppressors.They learned that from Somoza overthrow.

"No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government"

-- Thomas Jefferson,

One of the ordinary modes, by which tyrants accomplish their purposes without resistance, is, by disarming the people, and making it an offense to keep arms."

-- Constitutional scholar Joseph Story, 1840

The right of the citizens to keep and bear arms has justly been considered as the palladium of the liberties of a republic; since it offers a strong moral check against usurpation and arbitrary power of rulers; and will generally, even if these are successful in the first instance, enable the people to resist and triumph over them."

-- Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story of the John Marshall Court

"The right of citizens to bear arms is just one guarantee against arbitrary government, one more safeguard against the tyranny which now appears remote in America, but which historically has proven to be always possible." Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey

Which Country?

I thought we were in Nicaragua, not the US.

come on

Fyl..you have there a good chance !!!

PS: if we use that axiom, so anybody but Nicaraguans are entitled to discuss internal matters.

Seems like

1 part usual do-gooder blaming guns for violence plus 1 part of the old project of getting military arms from the civil war turned into the authorities .Although Esteli is a crime-ridden and violent area, most crimes here are committed with machetes or rocks. Case in point, the recent murder of the muchacha in her own home. She was beaten to death, including having her head beaten against the wall.

Maybe the do-gooders should instigate a campaign of ``wall control``. I did mention to family members that they are selling pink guns in the States now for women for self defense. http://www.davidsonsinc.com/consumers/subsites/inven_product.asp?dealer_...

``Vote for me—I`ll set you free`` Anon.

I have first hand experience of a rock attack home invader!

I didn't know whether to reach for my scissors or paper!

Soccer and instinct...I went for the penalty kick.

I think BB is right, an amnesty round up which is a good thing but doesn't help with the spontaneous use of anything to hand.

didn't mean to imply

that turning in guns left over from the war is a good idea, just that it's been going on for 30 years. No doubt the minority ruling party has some fears.

A relative in L.A told me recently that there was a gun buyback in his neighborhood recently. People can turn in illegal or stolen guns that are somehow in their possession and get $100-200 apiece. Then they can go buy crack and steal more guns for the next buyback. It's a micro-industry.

``Vote for me—I`ll set you free`` Anon.