Garrapatas (ticks)

I confess the story was amusing the way it was presented on the radio this morning but, since then, Ana sent me the link to this article in END. One of the advertised advantages of being here is that while there are ticks, there is no Lyme Disease.

This article is about a problem a 16 year old Nicaraguan male had with a tick. Clearly this could have happened anywhere (both in terms of country and part of the body) but it does show that ticks are a potential problem even without Lyme Disease. You probably won't need much translation help.

El muchacho aseguró que realizaba labores agrícolas, cuando el insecto mordió su miembro viril, y sus padres lo trasladaron al Centro de Salud ubicado en la recóndita comarca La Rastra, donde lo atendieron porque tenía una fuerte infección, y lo remitieron al Hospital España, de Chinandega.