Enitel Long Distance Rates

In doing some business research I was looking at Enitel international rates. Specifically, this page. There are some pretty strange things there. Am I reading this right and, probably more important, is it true?

There seem to be two plans available. In the first, you pay $18/mo which gets you 100 minutes of calls to North and Central America (note that Belize is not included in either region). Then, beyond this initial $.18/minute cost, additional minutes are $.16 to North America, $.18 to Central America. They offer some higher volume plans but that's the basic one.

Further down the page there is a different plan. You pay $4.95/month and get to make as many calls as you want to the Canada and the US at $.02/minute and to Central America and Mexico for between $.07 and $.15/minute. All the other rates with this second option are also lower than the first option.

That doesn't seem to make a lot of sense. And while I could not find a rate for calling other numbers in Nicaragua, I am guessing that $.02/minute to Canada and the US is less than calling within Nicaragua.

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I don't know if the usb type

I don't know if the usb type internet that you just popped in to your computer to access the internet is compatible with nettalk or magicjack but if it is you could probably get away with the monthly fee for internet plus the $30 yearly cost for the nettalk or magicjack. Thought that 1st plan makes absolutely no sense whatsoever when compared to the second one.

We called

It seem's to be true, I'm going over to Boaco next week and sign up, I should save a lot of money. I'm tired of fighting with Skype, our internet here sucks. Thank's Phil!