Book on Sandinismo: "Nicaragua, Back from the Dead?" out next week, NL exclusive preview!

Hey, since the discussion on this site oftentimes have been fruitful, I have decided to put this script out here as an exclusive preview of the book that I will publish in about a week. A Spanish version of this book translated by a Managuan English teacher will be out next, likely a few weeks after the elections. I am currently looking into setting up public presentations in León and Managua at least.

Link after the break!

Find the preview at:

Please let me know what you think about it.

Reviews so far:

"The book gives a detailed account of how the Sandinista revolution remained alive and led to democracy. The author weaves together historical processes and social changes, with the biographies of acting protagonists. Well worth reading."

Michael Böhner, journalist and member of Red Reporters Berlin, Germany

"Wilm takes me back to a trip to Nicaragua in 2007, around the time when Ortega was inaugurated. There were things I didn't know or understand, which Wilm explains quite well. The black-and-red vs. pink flags, the use of apparently useless disguises, the waving around of weapons that weren't charged, the euphoria of the old Sandinistas for Daniel Ortega vs. the criticism of the young... His methods are original, and many of his conclusions surprising. Wilm's curiosity for individual biographies shaped by historical processes is contagious."

Marina Einböck, passionate traveler and oral history researcher Vienna, Austria

"All in all, I found the book interesting and enjoyable. Some of the information I knew, much I did not. The personal interviews and photos are a very good thing. A book about this stuff would be very dry without them. I think it will mean that more people will be willing to take the time to read about this, which is a good thing."

Phil Hughes, long-time Linux and Nicaragua solidarity activist Estelí, Nicaragua

"I like some of the conclusions, and others less so. It's a good piece of investigative journalism. Its strength is that it tries to expose rather than to commit to a theory that has not yet been completely understood nor realized -- the political theory that makes out Sandinismo."

Carolina Fonseca Icabalzeta, Sandinista and teacher Managua, Nicaragua

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Back from the dead,

only to be severly comatosed at best!!!

There are a bunch of

There are a bunch of statistics -- especially in chapter 3 on economics. Most of them show rather positive developments, somewhat during the late Bolaños years and especially during the current government. Of course some would say that the FSLN was already taking power during those years, due to the split PLC/ALN and because some of their campaigns actually started already then. For example I think their literacy campaign, which at first was coordinated through the mayors they held and was then transferred to national level once they got the presidency.

-- Johannes Wilm