Monkey Point Deep Water Port

Monkey Point Deep Water Port

Nicaragua may be behind its neighbors on infrastructure development, but it is not standing still. This display at the`recent export fair is for the new port to be constructed on the Atlantic coast. The port authority`s website is Cost is an estimated usd 250 million with 3 years construction time.

Plan is to capture all the business being lost, to the tune of 100,000 containers a year, to Honduran and Costa Rican ports and to aid in the economic development of RAAS.

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Monkey port

In Nuevo Diario it said 500 million$ and a additional 500 million$ for a 2 way fuel pumping system, obvious pumping fuel from Atlantic to Pacific and vice versa, we will see, also 233 million for the new road to Costa Rica, well, we will see.

Container port question

I thought that a container port is only useful in a country that is sending and/or receiving a lot of containers - such as China, the U.S., etc. Will a highway also be constructed to connect Monkey Point to Managua and the PanAmerican Highway - to send and receive containers to the rest of CA?

100,000 containers a year

Enter or leave Nic. by way of foreign ports. The containers are then shipped by truck to or from Nic. at considerable cost. Currently, Corinto is Nic,s only deep water port. Rama is a river port that can only service smaller ships. Almost all shipping now is by container or bulk tanks.

In the long run, ports are economically self-supporting because they charge fees by the ton. Once the port and road are in, airports, tourism, towns, yacht harbors, etc. will come along. RAAS could probably support a considerable export market for agricultural goods if it had a port.

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Nicaragua Does/Could

The port in Limón, Costa Rica could be called the "Dole Port". Lots of containers of bananas. Right now, Nicaragua's options are ship from the Pacific (Corinto) or truck up/down the Pan American to/from Honduras.

if they do..

a highway..i hope it goes thru waslala..becuse that one is terrible

What Does Nicaragua

have on the east side to export in quantity?

A coast to coast road would be beneficial for tourism.

coast to coast road is already under constrction

I drove parts of it weeks ago, impressive to see, it's made out of concrete, absolutely super, going all the way to Port, Danida is building the road, so quality is good.

Monkey Point Deep-water Port

August 25th 2011

This project is back in the news with an announcement by Daniel Ortega (President of the Republic of Nicaragua) that he has approved an agreement between the Government of Nicaragua and a Brazilian company to conduct a feasibility study on the port proposal. The much talked about port will be a vital link in the chain of import and export business and will mean less reliance on the ports of Honduras and Costa Rica. Above all this will mean more jobs for Nicaragua and the opportunity for increased exports, particularly agriculture and livestock. This self-reliance of ports that will always be open means that perishables can leave sooner, on time and arrive in better condition.

Ortega commented on the stability of the land ownership in the area of the port which will make the port attractive to investors as well as benefit the local indigenous communities which are in the main a mix of African descent, Miskito and others. The Ministry of Transport (MTI) will conduct studies on the completion of the stretch of 75 kilometers of highway that would then link the Pacific with the Caribbean in stages from Nueva Guinea to Providencia then Providencia to Atlanta and then Atlanta to Monkey Point.

The idea of the port goes back as far as the 80´s when the Sandinista Government opened the Acoyapa-San Carlos – Río San Juan trail, Trail Acoyapa-San Carlos, Rio San Juan.