Hotel Plaza Colon, Granada

Hotel Plaza Colon, Granada

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This photo is the closest one I had to Mark's old photo, same street with the central park on the right and Alhambra further down on the left out of this shot, 103 years later. I stayed in the far corner room and have more shots from the veranda there.

Parque Central Granada

Is a great place to hangout. There is a very inexpensive coffee shop where you can get a cup of drip coffee for 19 cords, under a buck, it's called The Euro Cafe, one free refill. They sell really good Humus too. The park also has a Cigar Shop, with top notch cigars from Cuban seed.


an inexpensive coffee shop, and a lot of tables on the patio.

The coffee shop has gone upscale, I spent $30 there my last trip. I will say the offerings were diverse and tasty, the service was good, and it's no more than Starbucks. But, it's not the way it used to be. This was a mid-day Sunday, and it was slow. The horse carts were doing almost no business. The horses DID look a lot better than a couple of years ago, minimal ribs showing.

I had a great experience there with a young kid who asked if he could watch my car . . . We had to fight off an older glue sniffing Sandinista with "official tourist credentials" who wanted the business.

God, I love entrepreneurs. . .commies vs capitalists, and this time my guy won. That may not happen in November.

When I paid the kid I told him to take his money and run; the glue sniffer was moving pretty slow.

But the room rates are not

But the room rates are not cheap, starting from USD 89.

Thats the best news I have

Thats the best news I have heard all day!! Thanks