Need a dog friendly hotel in MGA for 4 nights so I can buy a truck


Final countdown until we move the family to Nica. We are arriving late (1.30am) and we would like to stay at a hotel in Managua that allows a dog (65lbs). He is a certified service animal in the US, but I'm not sure if that means anything in Nica.

We are staying in Managua so we can purchase a used 4x4, hit some of the big box shops to load up on necessary living items, and then driving down to SJDS. I figure this will take about 4-5 nights.

Anyone know of a nice, CLEAN, hotel? I've been looking on all the major travel sites, but the pet friendly options aren't always correct.

Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!!

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We can take your pup...

Small personalized service. I can pick you up @ Mga too. PM me if interested. Also you will see the link to our website on my profile page. I recently bought a truck too!

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Anyone have a opinon on this car dealer

I found them on Encentuna24. They have lots of used trucks

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CL every now and then something shows up on CL

Good luck on the truck

Good luck on the truck front!! Took me awhile to find a good deal! Seems eveyone wants to get rich on the sale of 1 truck!! I found vehicles way over priced!! On craigslist (Nicaragua) I saw a 2003 Honda Pilot for $9000 in Grenada.

Looking for 4 WD

Thanks. I've been talking to owner's representative re. the Honda Pilot. 123,000 miles and a few things under repair / on order ... but good price. Made in Canada .. first year model. It's always about parts, isn't it?

Wish I was there to test drive ... but won't be back to NIcaragua until January. Anybody in Grenada want to check it out for me?

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It was on CL a week or so

It was on CL a week or so back and I emailed them--No reply!! Emailed them again on their most recent CL Entry and eventually got a response. But again, fast is usually not found in the Nica vocabulary,lol I know of a 2007 Nissan Xtrailor $12800. I only saw it from afar, but looks in nice condition If th elink does not work, send me a PM. I belive it is owned by an American family

Thank you

That is very helpful, I contacted Hotel CN today. I hope they have room for us and our pup! We'll make sure to bring toys and clothes for the kids. I'm crossing my fingers that we can find a truck in 5days to buy in MGA and it does smoothly. Luckily we have a good friend who's brother lives right outside of MGA so hopefully we won't have to pay a very high gringo tax on the vehicle.

11 days and counting...............

Looking for 4 WD

You will really enjoy Casa Naranja ... small, colorful and friendly. It is centrally located and near lots of good restaurants. Up the street a couple of doors is Peruana, outstanding quality Peruvian food. Also on other side of the street Ole Verde, the best natural food restaurant in NIcaragua! And the Mombacho (sp?) Chocolate Factory almost next door ... and one of the best Pandarias as well.

We are also looking for a dependable used 4-WD since we just sold ours there. What is your shopping strategy?


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Check this site, just added a truck in the classifieds.

Strategy, hmmmmm

I think Pray is the best word for it. I'm really counting on our local Nicaraguan friend for help. I've looked online, but it's very sparse. I'd hate to buy new, but I just might have to.

Looking for 4 WD

The worry is always around the condition of the used vehicle. We live on Caraterra Salinas which can have holes the size of small craters and frequent water / mud crossing during September and October. If the owner lived on a similar (or worse) road the car can be made pretty, but ...

I'm told that a lot of Katrina cars ended up in Central America ... that's just another worry.

I too am tempted to buy new just for the warranty: we've looked at Kia, and Hundyai. Toyotas are the most popular but get a big premium just for the brand. Nissan and MItsubshi make tough, big SUVs that can compete with the Landcruiser ... but a lot less expensive.

My mechanic (Hector) in Rivas recommends the 2005 and earlier Landcruisers. Claims quality suffered after. He does a lot of work for SJDS folks who come to Rivas for high quality mechanical work.

Hope others will share their experience here.

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Yes, 1 sees a lot of

Yes, 1 sees a lot of Toyota's here! I almost bought a 2001 RAV4 which was from the USA--AutoNica--the Toyota dealership here in Managua said they could not get parts for it as it came from the USA. You see a lot of Hyundia as well. Honda now has a dealership in Managua! I much prefer Honda over Toyota!! I think Toyotya has sacrificed a lot in the quality dept, but thats just me! love my 2011 CRV. I think something plain jane is prob ones best bet in Nica--simpler it is,easier to fix!! I know of a small 4 door Helix, not a 4x4 and it think its a 2001 and the guy wants $12000 for it. Its by the movie shack up by Gallerias mall. I keep an eye out for vehicles as I have friends looking for used vehicles. As well know of a 1998 Jeep Classic sport 4x4 Its isn pretty good shape for its year, and owned bu a Nica that works at the USA Embassy, very nice gal and I think she has taken very good care of it. Was owned by USA diplomats before her. 1 good thing about Jeeps, their are MANY Jeep forums that can help ya fix it if they do breeak! But that 4.0L motor is has is a legend!! If your interested in the Jeep, I can fwd her email on to anyone.

Please share your car buying experience

I'll be looking for a car to keep down in SJDS sometime next year (when my house is done) and would be interested in hearing how you fared!

I Agree Hotel Casa Naranja

We have stayed here and they will do everything to make your stay enjoyable. If you bring a used toy, clothes or school supplies for the children of San Francisco de Asis Association they will give you a discount. Very nice and clean with breakfast included.

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Hotel Casa Naranja has

Hotel Casa Naranja has allowed us to stay with 2 cats. Lovely hotel:


across the street from the airport is the best western las mercedes hotel-very dog friendly-discount for AAA membership