How can I bring a handgun to Nicaragua? Second Part

In 2008 I posted a comment called: “How can I bring a handgun to Nicaragua” - to explain the procedure - I check today to do an update and I realized no there are comments provably for privacy reasons, which is ok, but it has been visited a lot.

I just want to share my last experience in this field, a friend of mine brought two sig sauers a P229 SAS & a P220, which no there are in Nicaragua.

I assisted since the beginning contacting the Nicaraguan Consulate in L.A. - which is quite complicated - in order to get the Consular Certification to import the guns; it was quiet complicate, the personal in L.A., didn´t understand the receipts, we must explain the gun´s information - brand, model, etc.- looks they weren´t used to deal with this kind of documents.

The second step was at the airport, I contacted in advance to the Airport Police, specially the DAEM Chief - DAEM is the police section in charge of guns, ammo and explosives - it takes us one hour and a half the get the pistols from the airport.-

Finally in Managua the guns went sent it to the DAEM Headquarter, two hours to get the "Permiso de Importacion de Arma de Fuego" ... because my friend already has Gun´s License it was less complicated and took him one week to get the new Licenses for the new guns.

Two hours more in DAEM to release the guns!

The gist is, if someone is going to import a gun be ready to spent a lot of time to get the Licenses, Permission, and release the guns from DAEM in Managua, however it will better than buy it locally, especially for the price of some models, Glock for example.!

Best Regards

Paul Tiffer Attorney at Law

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Bringing A Gun

Purchased a handgun in LA, then from the consulate of LA got a permission to bring it. ($100) I put it in my suitcase, reported it in LA airport, and it was on it's way. It arrived to Managua Airport, I picked up my bags, went thru X-ray and that was it. I could have just left the airport, but I reported to the airport personnel that " I have a gun inside the suitcase. He called two police officers over, they took a picture of the gun and I was on my way home with the gun in my hand.

Ever since that I have been running around to legalize the gun. They lost my paperwork once so i can start everything all over again.

I have the gun in my hand, and the rest can wait.


Today I received a phone call from a client, he is from USA and Resident in Nicaragua - he didn´t check NL often, so didn´t read this comment - He asked if a friend of him from USA, non resident can bring to him two guns.

The answer is No, just the owner of the guns can bring it, and legalized in his/her name in Nicaragua, and must be resident first; of course any Resident or Nicaraguan can bring a gun or two legalized in his/her name and the sell it to another person.-

Best Regards

Paul Tiffer


Just a note more, my friend is an American Retiree I assisted in the Residency process, so as resident he can bring 2 guns as any Nicaraguan.

Best Regards

Paul Tiffer

thanx for the info

I haven`t brought down anything yet because I`m not ready for the buraucracy, but it`s still on my to do list. Lotta hassle for people who don`t live in Managua. Can your tell me if it is any easier to bring down a long arm (rifle or shotgun)? Is the paperwork any less? I already have a portacion and a handgun here.

Also, what does `2 guns `mean --2 per trip, 2 every 5 years, or 2 per life?

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I afraid the law says 2 guns once, that`s mean per life.

Best Regards

Paul Tiffer