Bed and Breakfast Farmstay El Porton Verde, Managua

We are located in Managua, but being here feels like a world away…

I am the owner and operator of Farmstay El Porton Verde, a small bed and breakfast eco-lodge in the hills outside of Managua, Nicaragua. My name is Mike aka webtrainer here on Nicaliving. Thanks for checking in with me, I do appreciate it.

Why stay at El Porton Verde?

  • You do not want to stay in a hotel in hot and dirty Managua, but need to be near there (for example, if you are flying in or out of the country, or doing business or missionary work) we are a great option for you.
  • You might enjoy your visit to a small eco-lodge bed and breakfast.
  • You would enjoy our fantastic jungle and volcano views.
  • You like the idea of staying at a working farm that tries to use sustainable ecological methods such as permaculture.
  • If you stay with us during the right time of year, we can guarantee you all the mangoes that you can eat!
  • You would like a "soft landing" upon arrival in Managua.  A friendly face picking you up and helping you to get oriented to this diverse and beautiful country is a big help.
  • You want to keep your Nicaragua experience during your whole vacation.  Instead of a night in a regular hotel room in a chain hotel not much different from what is offered back home, your last day or so in Nicaragua can maintain the unique vibe that this country offers the traveler.

Where are we located?

This farm stay property, "Finca El Porton Verde," is a unique small hotel offering in Nicaragua's capital city of Managua. My Nicaraguan family and I work and live on a small (eight acre) organic permaculture farm located in the breezy hills south of Managua—overlooking Ticuantepe and Masaya, Nicaragua.

Our farmstay B&B is located just five minutes from kilometer 10.5 of Carretera a Masaya, eight minutes from the modern Hospital Metropolitano Vivian Pellas, 10 minutes from the fine restaurants, shopping and entertainment of Managua, 25 minutes from the airport, 15 minutes to Masaya Volcano, 20 minutes to the artisan market of Masaya, 45 minutes to Granada, and 45 minutes to the nearest beaches.

If you are at all familiar with Managua you will have heard of "Carretera a Masaya" this is the main road that goes from downtown Managua to the towns south of the capital such as Masaya, Granada, Rivas, San Juan del Sur, etc. We are at KM 10.5 of Carretera a Masaya, then about two miles southwest of this busy six, then four lane highway. We will provide more exact directions as soon as we learn more about your visit.

Until then, here it is on Google Maps. The red placemarker is the location of El Porton Verde with a rough outline of the finca borders. The blue dots are locations of some locations in the neighborhood to lead you from KM 10.5.

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