Progress post rainy season

Progress post rainy season

Finally roofing going up on my guest house. Once that's done, there's water in, water out, windows, door, grills, floor, porch, electricity, paint.....hmmm. Furniture, too. A lot to go yet before I can stay there, but still. I'm happy.

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Looks pretty rustic

that's what I love about it!!!


I was actually aiming for a house that would be Nica-like, while being comfy enough for a gringa. My hope is that I will be able to live lightly on the land - i.e., no septic system, use grey water to irrigate, perhaps even make my own power with solar or windmill. It's definitely a work in progress, and I am learning a lot.

Your house

I love your house. You have given me great ideas for my house in El Crucero.

Glad to hear that..

I'm going to be down within the week, and hope to see lots more progress made on this. I hear it's nearing time for a door and some windows to be made....You are welcome to come visit to see it up close.

looking good!

nicalit roof?

"Maybe, just once, someone will call me 'sir' without adding, 'you're making a scene." -Homer J. Simpson

not nicalit

steel roofing. I concluded nicalit doesn't stand up over time, plus gets kind of moldy looking, which I don't like, so....steel roofing it was. At least it looks like tile.

Yep, lookin very nice.

You may never need to build the big one, use the land to grow ya own!! (food I mean)

One room ....

will get kinda old quick. I want this to be for friends and family, while I'll have a full kitchen in my own casa - to make those brownies, you know?

Looks great where is it?

I like the roofing and am thinking of replacing my palm thatch but am not sure if it would be too steep for the tiles.


outside of Sjds. This is steel roofing, so I don't think steepness is an issue. Just collect your rain...water your garden. *-)

Whats the material called?

Are they tiles or sheets?


They are sheets of metal, but are configured to look like tile.