Auto mechanical and emission tests: $?

How much should I plan on paying for these annual certificates?

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seems to me

that in Esteli you go to the official shop down by the hospital and pay whatever they want, 20 bucks I believe. the mechanical test is minimal on a new vehicle in good shape. They glance over it and check that all your lights and turn signals are working.

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No mucho

Amission de gas was 100 cords in Granada, finding a cheap mechanic also inexpensive shouldn't be more than 100 cords also. There are more inclined people here to answer the annual requirement but I understand that this is not required every year unless you are changing departments or changing names over to the vehicle. Warning, if you are changing over registration, it is a long long process and a bureaucratic mess of requirements. Banks, Alcaldia, DGI, taxes, a full day or more of time at the police station etc.. I've been going through this now for over 10 days.

whati liked about it..

they give u a certificate good for 3 days..the next office in the line tells u to come back in 4 days..and then the 3 day certificate expired..its a real mess..

It is not meant

to be a process that you would go through without paying some "Bakshish" here and there, or simply get someone do it for you, usually and ex cop.


Ok, as the person who started this thread I would be grateful if we returned to its original question without going off topic to discuss changing registration.

Actual cost vs Total Cost.

while the actual cost is between 300 to 400 cords for the emissions test, it is the fact that it cannot be done in Jinotepe that puts it over the top, you are looking at least 1 trip to Managua, so add that cost to your estimate.


I found a testing centre in Carazo in Dolores. Info is in a new thread, .

Thanks to all who were kind enough to reply.

I thought they closed

The last time I checked they were closed... I am glad they are open again.... saves a lot of trouble.