Season of the thieves

This is the time of year when scumbags in Nicaragua become especially active. The crime wave has already begun (as I have just discovered) so I am telling my friends to think carefully about what they do to protect themselves and their property, identify any gaps, and fill them right away.

This includes testing your defense systems. For example, if pepper spray or wasp spray is your weapon of choice, give it a squirt to make sure it's still working.

The crime wave will build until X-mas day when the most of the trash will head to the beach with the rest of the country. But some will stay behind for a few days to B&E undefended houses and mug people on foot, and these are the most dangerous, because they tend to be more professional.

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thanx for the heads up

I live in the City of Thieves so I know. One of the funny things about living here is that grandma or the maid is your first line of defense. When they go away for the holidays, your risk goes up tremendously. Just goes to consolidate my general "bah humbug" attitude till this xmas stuff blows over.

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