Coffee Procesing

Some of our coffee is ripe already. Yesterday we (ok, some workers) picked about 200 lbs. of the cherries and are still picking some today. This year I am going to try to document the process.

The first part of the story I have is separating the beans from the pulp. Photos and a video of Ana operating the very sophisticated machine is up at Why there? Because I can add videos.

The machine looks about 70 years old but is only about 4 years old. The design is very similar to the 70 year old one our neighbor has. Technology stands still here.

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i got one of them...

its a good work out cranking that for a couple hundred lbs. of coffee

That's why Ana is doing it :-)

Well, actually, I did some of it but it was hard for me to both be in the video and make the video.

She is washing the beans right now (and I am playing on the internet). OK, I am working on the materials list for the dome we are starting to build. That's, of course, another story but this time I am going to really try to document it. The story is starting at