Detail of the PLI march with riot cops moving through

Detail of the PLI march with riot cops moving through

The mood was a little tense, and the local National police had been moving around earlier, then these guys and one woman cop showed up with plexiglass shields and helmets with visors. Nothing really happened, but the parade was heading down to a FSLN neighborhood down the next street west. The PLI had at least one armed guy in a pick-up truck, but I didn't get a photo of him.

The local FSLN marches (as opposed to the 2 hour spectacle after the election which was obviously not local) tended to be a bit better dressed and more prone to doing things like sitting on people's shoulders while they danced, having a beauty queen throwing fist pumps, and all.

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Is It Still

raining ??

I thought the rainy season ended in November . . .

Pre-election rally photograph, 16/10/2011

Jinotega hasn't had any further political stuff -- everyone's shooting off fireworks for Purisima and the rest of the holidays.

I also have some earlier shots of one of the local FSLN parades. 25/10/2011. Will post it later. It may be that the FSLN tee shirts gave the kids the impression of being better dressed, but I think I see more jewelry and sunglasses with the FSLN crowd.

We've had rain in the last week, though.

Rebecca Brown