Local FSLN march by comparison

Local FSLN march by comparison

Actually 25/8/2011. I also have some videos. I think some of why the kids seem more prosperous than the PRI group are the teeshirts, but also they do appear to have more jewelry and sunglasses, and stuff. Maybe they're a bit fatter, too.

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Yes, The PLI

crowd looks poorer and much more indio/campesino. The girl in the FSLN shirt above (second from right) looks like the one who was in an earlier photo dressed in camo and brandishing a pistol.

Ironic, are the Sandinistas the new Nicaraguan Republicans ?? And, what's wrong with a little prosperity? It's just so . . .. .. confusing.

Can Fox News be far behind?

Nothing wrong with a little prosperity

Social democracy isn't what you think it is, you know. Most of Europe has a more effective safety net than the US and more egalitarian distribution of income. http://chartsbin.com/view/559 But they have very successful capitalist enterprises, too. The US has a less egalitarian distribution of income than Nicaragua (and these are CIA World Fact Book figures). I think you're notice that Germany has a more egalitarian distribution of income than all but a few Western European countries.

These guys had TV news cameras showing up. Doubt seriously it was Fox News.

Next time, the PLI should really put its marchers in clean tee shirts.

Rebecca Brown