Feliz Navidad y Prospero Ano

Buena suerta en 2012. I will be visiting in July looking for a store front and living arrangements, possibly in Leon, but quien sabes.

Charles Slane

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propero ano??

Prosperous a$$?? remember that ano= A$$

Reminds of the time

I described the Vice President Jamie Morales as 'Dejado', an untidy, lazy, slovenly and low spirited person on a front page story.

I put (left) after his name in a pie de foto, photo caption. The translator, at the time, translated that as dejado, not "on the left" as in a direction. He is Liberal and to this day I think he had a bit of fun with it.

The locals had fun with it too, as well as the many anos not años I have talked about!!

Like in Real Estate "This ano is going to be soft"

What Are You

up to with the store front?

store front

I'm thinking a used bookstore. I'll at least be assured of something interesting to read.

Charles Slane


Be nice to have one in Matagalpa rather than all the way down south somewhere. As much as having one in Jinotega would be fun, I suspect you'd have more business in a bigger city.

Rebecca Brown

A bit of Hedonism?

Any red lights?


So far no. I find it so much more enjoyable than instant gratification.

Thats good.

El Gato Negro here made a nice business out of books and coffee.