Contras: 30 Years After

An article in The Miami Herald reports on a 30 year reunion of some ex-Contras. It offers a reminder of how involved the US was in the conflict and why you are likely to hear a different story about the 1980s from Nicaraguans in Miami then those who stayed in Nicaragua.

One new (to me) piece of information was the Argentine involvement in the start of the CIA-financed training of the Contras. I knew of the involvement but didn't know why.

President Reagan’s signing of a secret CIA document on Dec. 1, 1981, opened the U.S. financing valve for the Contras through Argentine advisors who were interested in Nicaragua because the Sandinistas had granted asylum to Montonero guerrillas opposing the military regime in Buenos Aires.

In re-reading the article, I can only be amused with the typical quiet bias. In a typical article in the Miami Herald President Ortega is typically not called President but by a word or phrase that simply implies he is "in charge". But, in this article, we find ... that toppled President Anastasio Somoza.

In spite of that, there is some interesting input in the words of these ex-Contras.

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viva la contra .

viva la contra .

Argentinians Were Involved

early on, mostly as a training resource. At the time they were admired in Washington for how they had successfully dealt with their communist problem.

Some Nicaraguans went to Argentina for specialized training, and the Argentinians did a lot of training in Honduras. One has to remember that there is more to a fighting force than a few guys with guns. Organization, discipline, leadership are all crucial. OJT is great but has a very high casualty rate.

Once the "details" of the Argentinian "success" started to become public they were unceremoniously booted from the program.

I still think that there is a lot of information to come to light about covert US support in Honduras.

I still think that there is a lot of information to come to ....

light about covert US support in....Syria too? That smells of USA hormones. Another Regime Change op?

So start a Syria post then.

That way we can stay on the Contras.