AA Meetings

Over the years, people have asked me if there are Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in Nicaragua (and Costa Rica). The generic answer is yes (I have seen a couple of signs for them in Estelí and, as I remember, others in Rivas, Ocotal and Sebaco. For some, finding a meeting in English rather than Spanish is high on the list. Unfortunately, this is usually not something people want to broadcast.

This post is to try to get us moving on collecting this information and publicizing it. Depending on the response I will add the info here or create regional child pages. If you know something and are comfortable publicly posting it, add a comment and I will organize the info as it comes in. If you would rather do it anonymously, PM me, email me, snail mail it, slip it under my door in the middle of the night or whatever.

If possible, include the physical location of the meeting, when they take place and in what language. Also, no reason not to include NA meetings if they exist or any other support group. I will organize as appropriate. Thanks.

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Friends of Bill W., Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings

I'm back in Esteli again and looking to meet up with English speaking friends of Bill W. My Spanish has improved such that I can make use of local meetings but they are only held from 7-9 pm or in a few cases from 6-8, which is not always easy to make.

Friends of Bill W., Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings

I'm living in Estelli until the 5th of February and I would really like to connect with any friends of Bill W. and/or attend or hold AA meetings. English is preferred since my Spanish is lousy but Spanish is better than nothing. I've tried to find out about AA meetings in Estell from the AA office in Managua but so far have had no luck. Thanks.

Nick L.

They exist

I remember seeing a sign for one maybe two blocks south of the public market in Barrio Alfredo Lazo and I know I have seen others. Sorry I can be more help but I have reformed from walking around in Estelí. Asking around in the market might get you a pointer because lots of people there walk through the barrio.

Anglophone AA Group in SJDS

"We do AA meetings when people come to town. We are ready every day to meet with people traveling through. There are signs around town and in internet cafes saying "Friends of Bill call Randy." We also have an ad in the local San juan Del Sur free newsletter that is available anywhere in town.


Randy H., (505) 632-9646 or (505) 478-9056 Ken, (505) 852- 4793

Email: ssp@oso-aa.org. "

Regularly Scheduled Meetings?

Hi:) I have read all the posts on this thread so far and sent an email to the Managua General Services office this morning. I am a current member in the US and am planning on living in Nic for about 5 months starting in October 2012. I am trying to get my hands on a meeting list of Alcoholics Anonymous. If there are regular meetings in English or Spanish in Granada, SJDS or anywhere in Nic could you pass on that information to me? I would love times/dates/location. I need to know if I can go to meetings on a regular basis while I am there.

Thank you in advance!

I'll be there starting Nov 2012

Hey, Allison:

if you need someone to connect with who is local, I'd love to be there for ya. I'll be there for at least 6 mos, starting in November. Private message me if this interests you, and I'll give you my personal email, and we can connect. I'll be just north of SJDS at Ranch Santana.

PM me Allison please.

Just click on Juanno and drop me a line.

surprised they are not in

Granada! The first 2 phone numbers need an 8 or a 2 after the 505 ?

Granada Meetings

Can anyone provide me with specifics on meetings in Granada? Days and times?

MIke just copied a paragraph from the AA Head Office

The local advert numbers are: Randy: 8632-9646 Ken: 8852-4793 Meetings are ad hoc but usually there is one at 10am on Saturday morning. Call to confirm. The group here is experienced in helping travelers away from their home groups. NA members also welcome. PM me if you need more info.

Granada does have a group.