New Tower

New Tower

This is the new tower I described in my blog. It appears to be about 50 meters high and is said to be for a backhaul link to El Horno in Jinotega. From where I am not sure but am guessing near Leon.

While hard to see there is a green latrina-sized building to the left of the tower. Power is run up from the line in front of our neighbor Don Rosa's house. The tower is about 100 meters east of the east end of the CoolTop property. Unlike so many things I have seen done here, this is a very professional job.

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Facts about the tower/service

We now have the facts about the tower. Useful for folks around here and also offers another connectivity option for folks in lots of places.

The tower belongs to AMNET and is designed to offer real connectivity to folks. AMNET apparently has a decent network of fiber and wireless connections nationwide (and beyond, TIGO is a service mark of theirs under whose name they offer cellular phone service in other countries including Guatemala). They also say they have connections to both the ARCOS (in the Atlantic) and MAYA (in the Pacific) cables which are pretty much everything as far as connectvity out of Nicaragua plus, it appears, some regional connectivity. (This is from looking at a map included in the proposal.)

They offer commercial service. That is, symmetrical, full-duplex, guaranteed bandwidth connectivity. It would appear that their main target audience are VoIP users such as call centers. Their prices appear expensive (in the proposal I have it says $150/mo for 512Kb and $225 for 1Mb) but you need to put that in context.

Most in your home service is neither symmetrical nor guaranteed bandwidth. For example, a typical DSL connection might be 1Mb of bandwidth to you but typically 1/8 that (128Kb) in the other direction. This is usually fine for web browsing and such but not for VoIP (or running a web site). The other issue is what is called Committed Information Rate (CIR). In simple terms, this tells you how much of the bandwidth you bought you are actually guaranteed to have.

I tried to get CIR informaiton from Enitel but gave up. Someone knows the answer but not anyone who talks to customers. Typically, aDSL service is sold such that 1/8th to 1/64th the bandwidth you purchased is all that is guaranteed. That is, there are many more customers on the local connections than can be supported by the backhaul to the Internet. The assumption is that not all the users will want all the bandwidth all the time. In the case of AMNET, they are guaranteeing that you do get the bandwidth you bought. That said, their prices are very reasonable.

If you have any interest in this service, the contact info I have is Francisco Centeno Jiron with an email of, phone of 2276-8100 ext 5075.

Yes looks like a very nice

Yes looks like a very nice job. But I have to say, based on what I saw during my short stay, I found most of the utility work that I saw to be very professional. I know it's odd that I notice, but prior to becoming a Correctional officer I was a lineman for 15 years, the last five with my own company building high speed network. So when I'm driving around I have a terrible habit of looking at all the overhead structure lol. There just happened to be new fiber being placed on the centro-americo highway when I was there and I was pretty impressed to be honest, same with the power grid in the area I was in.

repeater for wireless service

what type antenna on top-small Yagi?

Nothing yet. The just put

Nothing yet. The just put the tower up a few days ago. Based on the size of the tower I am guessing it will be dishes.