Green Building in the Tropics

I came across this website which has a great page on green building in the tropics. More importantly, it's from the west coast of Costa Rica so the climate is similar to the west coast of Nicaragua, having both wet and dry seasons.

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too general....

i'd like more specifics.... double roofs, cisterns, etc.... and their point about thermal mass? i thought the walls in Granada were 3 feet thick.... does it work for them?

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Interesting area

The Montezuma area is like a different country from the rest of Costa Rica. Most of the businesses in town are owned by non-Ticos, many from Europe. Many are illegals who get warned a day in advance when the immigration folks are coming over from Puntarenas, close their businesses for the day and hang out on the beach in Malpais.

Because if its isolation from Tico mainstream, you do find a lot of creativity such as what is presented on the web page. I actually considered moving to the area before I decided moving to Nicaragua was a better way to move away from the standard pro-development Tico attitude of most other areas.

applicable here

The outside shower area is a great idea even where we live in SC. We heat up the water which heats up the house which turns on the AC and I'm still soaking wet!

Thanks for Linking to "puravidasunsets".

The "puravidasunsets" website was a very enjoyable read, with lots of valuable suggestions for sustainable, ecologically aware, home building. Nice too that it encouraged buying products made by local craftsman and sold in local stores, with a view to keeping the money you spend within your local community.

Lots Of Neat

Ideas in the article.

I like the "balanced sustainability" tone of the article.