Missing a Car?

Missing a Car?

I was just walking today and about 1km from my house I came upon a car. It has old plates which means it has not been (not legally been) on the road in 10 years. All the guts have been removed. While it is an easy walk, I am sure it did not get there from this side. Based on where it is, I know of no roads there. More research in the future but, for now, if it's yours, I can tell you how to find it. Note that it appears to be a van version of a Dodge Omni. Actually a nice size for around here.

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Axel's van

he says he sleeps in it sometimes and is pissed that la garnacha people keep stealing parts off it.

Is that his property?

I was just walking and ran into it but it wasn't clear I was Axel's property.