In what year did you first visit Nicaragua?

Never been there
8% (10 votes)
2010 or more recently
12% (15 votes)
15% (18 votes)
29% (36 votes)
Before 2001
30% (37 votes)
I was born there.
6% (8 votes)
Total votes: 124

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My touch down

I am surprised that the earliest date is " pre 2001" I first set foot March 12 1984

When did I first visit Nicaragua?

I was about 4 years old. The Beatles were very big then. Then again they were loved all over the world! Too bad you didn't have a choice like 20, 30, 40 years ago......Just saying....

That's It?

Cho-Cho Juanno eres tan chistoso. Not.

It's British Humor

Or maybe just good old fashioned sarcasm.

So how long was it until you came back again?

Humor is good

I've been to Nicaragua on many occasions throughout my lifetime. Mis padres son Nicaraguenses. Most recently I was there in December 2011. I only visit when my parents are there. Why? Because they're fun to be around! On another note... I just finished listening to the Clash - Washington Bullets. Love that song.

Yeah...I know what you mean

I was pissed there wasn't a category for August 6th 2006!!

That's it!

I quit!! I can't take all this stress! LOL

solid majority first visited at least five/six years ago...

2003 was my first visit.

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