Impact of religion on birth rate - a video by Hans Rosling

Another interesting TED talk from Hans Rosling about the world's population. Total time:13:21

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A deceptive title

A dazzling presentation. Love those dynamic graphics. And a German lecturing in English adds that important authoritative tone to leave no doubt that these are the FACTS.

Thank you moderator. (But you realize, of course, the Nicaraguan bubble was never pointed out. I take it on faith that there was a Nicaraguan bubble, otherwise . . . ?) So the religious are not boogeymen bringing humanity to doom (discounting some future apocalyptic war in the name of what's holy to some, not others). Rather it's the goddesses of Earth, the womb-men who by achieving long overdue equality to the wombless-men are proving that old minister Malthus wrong. Interesting.

It's interesting, even hopeful

This is the famous Dr. Hans Rosling. He is a Swedish medical doctor, academic, statistician, Professor of International Health at Karolinska Institute, and he's chairman and co-founder of the Gapminder Foundation, whose fancy software has revolutionized the presentation of statistics. Their motto is: For a fact-based world view.

I'm willing to bet there is a Nicaraguan bubble since he has Nicaraguan data on his website, and if you like those bubble charts, you can make your own there.

You might not have seen his earlier presentation here: