New Airport Opens in Greytown

Incentive Travel reports that the new airport in Greytown is open.

A new airport has opened in San Juan del Norte (Greytown), on Nicaragua’s Southern Caribbean coast, providing a new connexion to the capital Managua. The new Greytown Airport currently has a 1,200 metre runway, suitable for small planes carrying up to 19 passengers, but there are plans to extend this shortly by 300 metres more to accommodate bigger planes with up to 46 passengers. Local carrier La Costeña has already started using the new airport, offering one hour flights from Managua twice a week.

The new Ometepe airport is close to complete.

Costa Rica has lots of internal puddle jumper flights. You can, for example, fly to Quepos or Tamarindo, from Alajuela (SJO). Both are popular tourist destinations. This get there in an hour or less option makes a lot of sense for tourism.

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Nica Wings is no longer Afloat

The ambitious float plane business that had planned to offer scheduled services between Managua, Granada, Ometepe Island, Pearl Lagoon and Corn Island (among other destinations) is no longer operating and in fact never really got off the ground. It is believed that the owners of Nica Wings have taken the planes (a de Havilland Canada DHC-3 Otter and the larger de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter) out of the country.

Nica Wings began in January 2011, before the Nicaraguan government announced that it would build regular airports at San Juan de Nicaragua (Greytown) and La Paloma - Ometepe Island as well as repair the old military airport of Punta Huete (Panchito) to serve as an emergency back-up for the Sandino International Airport in Managua.

Greytown Airport

Does anyone know where exactly will be the new Greytown - San Juan de Nicaragua airport?

There was quite a bit of talk that a new airport was going to be built near the Pellas La Isla Guacalito development in Tola? Anybody have the skinny on that?


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