Yes, the weather again

Yeah, once again the weather is broken. Over the past few days it has been windy but with little rain. This is not when it is windy here. Today, we have wind and rain. All this isn't (or at least wasn't) normal.

Let me jump to ChemTrails. Somewhere in the last few weeks I had read an article suggesting what I am about to describe. Unfortunately, I cannot find it. Feel free to point me to the article or just tell me I am crazy without a reference.

There has been talk about ChemTrails for the past few years. That is, what seem like normal airplanes, including commercial passenger flights, spraying something. There have been the usual assortment of denials plus a reasonable number of photos and videos that at least look like somthing other than ConTrails (condensation). We then have the various conspiracy theories as to what is being sprayed. Mind-altering drugs, toxins, you name it.

The article suggested that what is being sprayed is something reflective. That is, something to decrease the amount of heat (more or less) which reaches the earth. To me, it is at least worth trying to connect the dots.

  • The level of CO2 and other ozone layer-damaging gasses is clearly higher today than a few years ago.
  • Polar ice caps are melting.
  • The weather seems to be unusual in lots of places where here in Nicaragua is but one example.
  • The global warming that should be happening doesn't seem to be happening.

If the suggestion is right, what could be going wrong? It would seem that the effects are taking place in the wrong places. That is, cooler weather and seasonal weather alteration is taking place in the temperate and tropical regions but not at the poles. As I don't see how you can spray something into the upper atmosphere and expect it to stay where you put it, maybe this wacko idea isn't all that wacko.

In any case, it is windy, rainy and relatively cold up here. The kind of weather where you are going to stay inside and write things on your computer instead of working outside. :-)

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Hot and sunny in Esteli lately--

a welcome relief from the rain and drizzle we have been having, although at times like this I wish I had AC in at least one room. Today it is going the other way--bright cloudy skies , a little light rain , and 74%rh at 24C at 2 pm.

What`s normal here? I don`t know. This is my 7th rainy season here and the jury is still out. One had servere drought, 2 had heavy rains not caused by a direct hit from a hurricane, and the rest were the on again/off again thing with light rain, heavy rain, sun, and clouds all alternating on a random pattern. This year got off on the wet/cool mode, but seems to be going to the more `normal` random mode.

People living in or visiting cloud forest in the northern moutains should expect clouds and drizzle. One person in Tisey told me that there are years that the sun doesn`t come out for 2 months. Look at all the lichens, moss and epiphytes on the trees and rocks--they need lots of humidity and cool weather to grow.

I`ve found what works best for the mold problem in the house is painting all wood and when we get locked into several days in a row of high humidity (Let`s say 85rh and up) to tyrn on a fan in each room and let it run all day.

"You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality." Ayn Rand