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Colombian accused of spying

From today's La Prensa


The Army announced the arrest of a Colombian citizen who is accused of espionage and theft of secret documents, which in the opinion of General Julio Cesar Aviles Castillo, "Was a threat to national security and defense".

According to the army boss, intelligence agencies and military counterintelligence have been monitoring information on the Colombian; Luis Felipe Ríos Castaño who is now charged with espionage.

According to military intelligence, the Colombian, aged 34, was posing as a Spanish correspondent for a magazine on security and defense.

He was captured on June 12 by authorities of the Directorate of Immigration and National Police.

According to General Avilés, the defendant has admitted the espionage and the army say he was was working for the Colombian secret services.

Two Nicaraguan military members are also accused of collaborating with the Colombian spy in exchange for money.


Gotta be a play in the Isla San Andres spat...