Fresh Fish

I will be running an Acopio in Casares(a new venture I just started a week ago) as of this Friday,anyone on this forum that lives in the Esteli Area,Granada,Diriamba and Jinotepe that wants FRESH fish,from Red Snapper,Grouper,Mackerel,Jacks,some Flounder at times and Lobsters,please send me a P.M,with your request and I should be able to deliver said fish to You,even with delivery,my fish WILL be cheaper,not to mentioned FRESH,not frozen like the marisquerias offer them.

Eventually I will post a species price list,somewhere. Thanks Felix

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Can you get some? i would buy lots if the price is right. Anything else like Urchin, etc.... would also be interesting, but of course only if fresh.


I'll drive over for that. What time of year they run?

year round..

they just don't target them,I am gonna set up something to harvest them,specially the 2 pounders and up,on orders basis.

once I nail them down,I'll let you know, the next market I may have some already lined up for ya.

will advice,a day or so,before the Granada market date.

Sounds Good, Sounds

really good!

I'd like to eat more fish but am concerned about freshness.


if i lived there, i'd put in an order!

Don't forget that Granada has the Farmers Market

Most Sundays.

It may be a good way to get your name out there even if you don't sell much at the actual market.

Catahoula (?) has the scoop

got in touch with...

catahula, and I will send someone to the next Granada Farmers Market,with a Thermo Full of FRESH goodies from the Sea.



Some Corvina

hopefully some flounder as well.

Catch of the day stuff and Great prices. :-)

yeah but..

I think she already has a supplier,I'll enquire, thanks Juano.

2nd Sunday

The market in Granada is the 2nd Sunday of each month.

And a very good idea, Juanno!