The Painting I Bought

The Painting I Bought

I'd photographed this several months ago when I took some pictures inside the art center. Maybe a month and a half ago, I started looking at it and decided to ask about the price, which was C$400. Waiting to see how my finances were doing and bought it last week. The artist is some one in town.

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maybe I'm wrong

But isn't taking pictures of someone else"s artwork a form of of copyright infringement? Maybe I'm being "silly". Let me offer some unsolicited advice: I might have bought it first and then photographed it. But it is a beautiful picture. I'm sure it's worth a lot more than $16. You defiinitely got a steal of a deal. =)

The first photograph, before I owned it,

...was when it was hanging on the walls of the art center and the photo was of the art center over all (photographed after asking permission), and was just a painting hanging on the wall. I didn't take this photograph until after I'd bought it.

Hard to say what pictures are worth. A friend finds various things for peanut at thrift stores.

Rebecca Brown