Dap lois for ladrones


If I ever decide to become the long-term owner-occupier of a country property here, my plan is this:

I will only buy a property that I can afford to encircle with two perimeters of chain link fences. The corridor between the two fences will be mined with toe-poppers. The outer perimeter will be electrified by heavy-duty rechargeable batteries and posted with warning signs in Spanish, as well as graphics for the illiterate. The inner perimeter will be high but not electrified.

I have learned enough about the Nicaraguan legal code to know that this would be in full compliance with the law. Nonetheless, I would give the local police chief and fiscal a tour to let them know what I am doing in advance.

Word would spread fast in the local community of vagos about the defense system but a few of them will be bold enough to press their luck. A few unfortunate encounters would ensue, followed by a long, long, long period of peace and quiet.

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My opinion

This would be a great way to say "here is a Gringo with too much money and something well worth trying to get to.

While our properly done (that is, bottom in concrete) chain link with dogs inside is clearly not totally ladron-proof, it looks like a wya to keep the dog in rather than a way to spend a lot of money to protect Fort Knox.

And while to dogs are not going to rip anyone's leg off, they do make a lot of noise.

Slim chance...

illiterates will understand or care about graphics. Alcohol trumps thinking most of the time.

Try an experiment--take 2 rocks and beat on Nicaragua chain link and see how long it takes to break. My small dog (25 pounds) got the urge to go for a walkabout one night and PUSHED her way thru the fence without even breaking it.

Any toe popper big enough to do anything but make somebody mad will be illegal.

Any charging system anywhere near the ground can be easily shorted out.

Nice to talk to the local jefe. He will be amused but polite.

If you want some pointers on home security, look at how rich Nicas and Cubanos live here.

You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality." Ayn Rand


I should add that this would not be my only defense mechanism. I would also have something else planned that would be a big surprise for smart guys who decide to strap steel plates to bottom of their boots. But you get the idea.

Keywestpirate sez ...

"I don't know about the double perimeter fence, sounds expensive."

Agreed. Very expensive. In Nicaragua, taking steps to protect your property and person is a cost you should estimate before buying a place.

Look, of course I'm generalizing very freely. Costs will vary according to such factors as location, your tolerance of risk and lifestyle.

For example, in Carazo, if you want to live in the countryside and be safe, be prepared to spend good money on fixed defense systems or maintain a pack of vicious dogs. The problem with dogs is that they are not cheap, and if you keep a pack of vicious ones, you are more or less making a commitment to never leaving your place overnight, unless you know someone you trust to dog-sit and house-sit.

I'm told that in the interior of the country in places like Waslava, the risks are much less.

Standard of living is another factor. For example, if thieves broke into my house and cleaned me out, the only thing I would truly miss would be my laptop and orthotics.

Your choice of medicine is ultimately personal. As for me, I don't want dogs, I don't want guns, right now I like living in Jinotepe, and at this stage of my life I like living alone. If I were to move to the countryside, I would need to take steps to protect myself and make trade-offs that involve spending good money.

Do a search

on the adventures of one Peter Christopher and ponder the realities of living alone in the countryside without dogs and guns.

"You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality." Ayn Rand

Bad example

And I will leave it at that.

Re: Peter Christopher...

I agree, a pedophile shouldn't be safe in town or in the country.

stupid ????

why would anyone want to live in a country..where they had to live like that..its like putting ure self in jail..