Anyone going to southern Ontario soon?

Is anyone planning to travel from Nicaragua to the Hamilton, K-W or Toronto areas within the next few weeks? If so, I would take it as a great favour if you took a pair of my eyeglasses with you. I would arrange for someone to pick up the eyeglasses from you at your convenience.

I need to send them back to Canada for repairs that can't be done here.

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Going to Montreal

I'm going to Montreal at the end of July, but that probably would not help you.


Mike gives them to you and you get them to me in Ottawa. I drive through Toronto and Kitchener whenever I visit family.


Thanks Ocotal and Sball, you're very kind in thinking of ways that might help. Regrettably, this approach would mean that my eye-glasses would become more well-traveled than their owner.

Canadian postal system?

I was thinking that I could mail them from Montreal to Kichener. I am assuming that the Canadian postal system is quite good.

After the glasses have been repaired, they could be mailed back to me in Montreal. I return from Montreal to Nicaragua in mid-September, which should be enough time for the repair and mailings.