Greytown Airport "Invades" CR Airspace?

Inside Costa Rica offers up yet another story about the ongoing Costa Rica/Nicaragua dispute concerning events along the Rio San Juan. This time it is the assertion that the new airport invades Costa Rican airspace.

The Greytown airport in Nicaragua, located in the Caribbean coast, is the latest skirmish between the neighbouring countries. Costa Rica's drug czar, Mauricio Boraschi, saying that the construction of the Greytown airport violates Costa Rican airspace.

I will assume that a bad translation is the reason it says construction (La Nacion probably has a worthile article in Spanish) but it is but one more case of Costa Rica throwing stones at Nicaragua. The article also goes on to say that they learned that Nicaragua will also build a border road. While their could be environmental issues if the road is not done right, we still need to remember that the river, all of it, is in Nicaragua, not Costa Rica.

The comments to the article are better than the article suggesting this is just noise to cover up real problems in Chinchilla's presidency. It's pretty clear that working together in this region could be a bit win for both countries.

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New CR Ambassador to Nicaragua

Javier Sancho is coming "as soon as possible" in order to "defend the interests" of Costa Rica at a time when relations remain strained by territorial disputes.

Javier Sancho, who worked as Director of Protocol at the Foreign Ministry, will take over as Ambassador from July 15 and already has the approval of the Government of Nicaragua.

Costa Rica has not had an Ambassador in Nicaragua for two years, which Castillo described as a "protest" against the Calero Island invasion in October 2010.