Checking In from the Pacific

We are actually on a B.C. Ferry from Tsawwassen, Vancouver to Swartz Bay, Vancouver Island. Just a few thousand miles north of our regular spot on the same ocean!!

"María's Big Adventure" as the trip has been dubbed.

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What does Maria think?

What does Maria think?

Nice trip

I remember being amazed at the difference between the Canadian farries and those in Washington state the first time I made that trip. I felt like "a guest" instead of "cattle".


Done that trip many times when I resided in Victoria! Im back home in Saskatchewan for awhile. Enjoy your trip!!


Would be the best way to describe Maria right now at the half way point of a 4 week trip.

Its been a world wind tour so far, meetings kids, grand kids, my other son's wedding, friends in Calgary, Greyhound buses (which are a great way to see the Rockies). Shuswap and boating for Canada Day, on to Vancouver and now the Island. We still have a return trip to lakeside Vernon, more Blind Bay and the 100th Calgary Stampede as a finale!!

Prices....Holy Cow! ... but I can see why parents are giving the kids a grand a month and telling them to go back packing...It's cheaper that having them in the basement!!


Just a tad more $$$ here,lol I love going into the liquor board store and seeing the huge selection but hate paying the big $$$$$. Can get flor de cana rum! 5, 7, 12 and 18 yr stuff!!! Scenery in Western Canada is hard to beat!. Enjoy ur trip


If trees are vital for the earth's survival, then we have been through one of the lungs of the planet!