Hotels Coupons and Deals in Managua

Hotels that pay TripAdvisor can offer specials and discounts for their properties. On my site I blogged about the current discounts and offered my opinion on the various hotels and small inns. Funny thing is I see what we offer as better then any of those places, even with their deals...what a surprise! :)

Here at El Porton Verde we are not ones to shy away from a little bit of competition, but it looks like the big boyz feel the need to discount their offerings now that we are on the scene! (yeah, right hahaha) I saw this post on Twitter when I searched for “Managua vacation.” If you follow the link at the top of the page, you can see a series of hotels listed with some discounts. I would like to show you these discounts and let you decide for yourself where you want to spend your hard-earned vacation dollars with the proposition that El Porton Verde offers great value and a unique offering that cannot be found elsewhere in the capital city of Managua.

Here are the actual TripAdvisor discounts so you can check them out for yourselves:

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Webman...never mind the competition and the deals...

My comments:

Sell what you have, promote your place and don't be getting into a peeing contest with other hotels and places to stay. Your place is pretty unique anyway so a comparison is not going to work well. That's a good thing for you. Sell the positives about your place, not the negative of the others.

And,...I wouldn't list or make reference to other places you think are comparable. A potential guest may agree and go stay there. Don't make it any easier for them!

Point taken...

But i praise the properties if anything. Would never say anything negative.

Doors of hope fly open when doors of promise shut. -Thomas D'Arcy McGee

And get on google maps

So everyone can see where you are.

I just figured out how to do that, thank you so much Susan!

it has to go through review by Google maps. In case anyone else wants to put their business on there, it is pretty simple.

Nicaragua is not listed as an available country if you go through via Google maps directly.

Doors of hope fly open when doors of promise shut. -Thomas D'Arcy McGee