Carretera a Masaya completely closed tomorrow afternoon...El Repligue a Masaya

Police announced that the road closure will Managua-Masaya in stages starting at 12:00 noon, and restored as the march forward

Strong National Police will implement restrictions along the route used for the XXXIII edition of "tactical retreat to Masaya," to provide protection to President Daniel Ortega, the first lady Rosario Murillo, and people attending the event, ensuring that they have staff and technology necessary to ensure order.

The traditional march by supporters of the Sandinista Front, which evokes the temporary withdrawal of Sandinista guerrillas Managua to Masaya, during the final insurrection against the Somoza dictatorship in 1979, will take place tomorrow, July 7 and will go out at 2 in the Later facilities Plaza Comandante "Ana Maria" located on the east side of the Market "Huembes."

The police banned the day of the Fold, the sale of soft drinks, soda, beer or liquor in glass bottles, and selling these products to minors.

Nor will the operations of polygons "The Specialist" and "Magnum", located on the Carretera a Masaya, from zero hours of morning until eight o'clock on Sunday July 8.

Security companies that provide services from premises located on the road to Retract, should guide the guards to stay within the local regulations with their weapons, and that are located on the outside, should do so without weapons, among other prohibitions.

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as I understand it, tomorrow, Saturday 7/7/2012 will be a hell of a bad day to cruise around Managua, especially in the afternoon. This is the anniversary of the tactical retreat to Masaya and it seems like a big deal that will close down streets and no later than 2 pm Carretera a Masaya will be closed so don't even think about it.

fun times!

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Yes, another year of Danny-boy and La Chamuca riding in one of their Benz's surrounded by at least 100 cops and more than double that number of camisas azules.

If he is sooooooooooooo loved by the people, why the need for such security?

Hopefully his good buddy Imawhackjob provided the hacking instructions for drones.

viva la robalucion

arriba los pobres