Business Incubation

I have been cleaning up lots of local files and putthing many on a remote document management system. I the process I have run into two product designs that would be perfect for Nicaragua and another idea that would be good. But, Nicaragua needs to make some changes to make them happen.

The first two involve computers and communications. In each case, they would offer something to benefit locals. In addition, one would move spending from a money exporter to existing very small businesses. The other would create an opportunity to create foreign exchange by selling products and services throughout Latin America.

Now, these don't have to happen in Nicaragua. They could happen in Bolivia, Ecuador or Honduras. Low local wages are an advantage, particularly when you are producing a product for export in the region. But, I'm here. One of the products really needs me (because of a mixture of skills) to get started. The others do not.

Could these things be done in the US? Not a chance. Besides labor costs, regulations would make it totally impractical. While some government cooperation would be needed here, I don't think anyone would have an issue with it. And working with government here is but a small fraction of what it would take to work with the US government.

If the market is Latin America, native Spanish speakers are another advantage. While "made in China" is possible, support in Spanish is very important. That is not going to come from China.

So, what's the problem? If I wanted to/needed to create a for profit business here, the answer is nothing. It could all be done. But, this is more on the level of I have an idea I would like to share. Just dealing with importing things to build the systems, getting TELCOR permits, dealing with being a business, ... moves this from something to do into a good idea that isn't going to happen.

Assuming my interest in doing something like this is not unique, that is there are more people with ideas to give away, it seems that the Nicaraguan government or some other government of the poor in the region needs to create the right climate. It's a lot like the Tourism law or the tax exemptions for agricultural equipment and supplies. Basically, something that helps people who want to be inventors but don't want to run businesses turn their idea into something that benefits the masses.

Are you reading this Daniel, Evo, Rafael, Raul? There is an opportunity here.