Hip Waders

After reading some of the recent long posts.....I am wondering if its something in the southern air.

However; If I see any hip waders on sale in Canada, how many pairs should I buy.

If not required for the BS on here, maybe fyl has a need for them up at compostville.

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Fraser River

Last time I wore hip waders was fishing on the Fraser River near Agassiz. I thought about that trip when you posted you were in BC and here you go again. Best fresh water fishing on the planet!

PS I wear XL if you find any on sale... ;~/


That really hurts.

There HAS been SOME good information traded recently: Consider the 4G thread started by Felix . . .

I consider myself spanked :)

You picked one of the ones I wasn't thinking of :)

And "Thou protesteth too much" as Will would say.