Interesting site for what Nicaragua does and doesn't produce

... and how this has trended over times:

I suspect most of the sorghum is going for animal feed or porridges, be curious if anything else could be done with it as it's one of the rising crops here. Rice is trending upward also, less erratically. And some of the figure just look screwy: pork numbers being one of them, also soybean figures. Cotton collapsed due to world market conditions and apparently problems with chemical build-up in the growing areas.

Those who say Nicaragua was more productive under Somoza appear to be wrong in gross numbers for coffee, rice, and a couple of other crops, though I'm not sure about per capita numbers. Corn dropped some from the neo-liberal years. Cotton seems to have been the most affected by the 1979 Revolution. Domestic beef consumption peaked in 1982.

Not all variables show for all commodities.