How to repel iguanas and lizards?

I'm pretty sure they are the culprits who are eating my seedlings. I have tried neem oil and it doesn't work. I won't keep a dog and I'm not about to build little fences throughout the entire area.

Has anyone tried anything that works?

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cayenne pepper, garlic, vinegar, cig butts and a bit of soap...

all chopped and mixed up, marinated a couple of days, then filtered and put in a spray bottle. Spray at least daily on the plants and it makes them a bit less tasty. But you have to stay on it because it rains and washes off the stuff.

The idea is to have something else growing nearby that is slightly relatively tastier for them to get at...once the plants are established they are usually safe if you start them like this.

Or you can do what I do and converse with the garden spirits that this garden here is for the varmints and insects and this other one is to be left alone. :)

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green iguanas

have become a nuisance invasive species in south Florida, so you might do a web search to see what measures they are using there. Here green iguanas are food (although they may be subject to some legal protection), so it would seem to be an easy fix.

I think most of the smaller lizards eat insects.

I have had some seedling disappear in the shade house, but I suspect birds. I also am running a problem that birds are eating my tabasco peppers the instant they turn from yellow to orange, so I am picking them yellow. tomatoes also are getting raided, so I have to mature them off the vine. Long term I probably need some sort of bird netting.

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