This was one of the first things planted in the plant house. If I didn't harvest it it would have taken over the whole space by now.

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huh...my oregano doesn't look anything like that...

grey leaves with a darker band around the edges. More of a busy shape too...

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Lots of types

What you are describing is pretty much what I had in Estelí. (I didn't plant it -- it was growing there when I moved in.) But, both oregano and basil come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors. I don't remember the name of this but it definitely is oregano.

I wonder if it would work like mustard did for us in the UK

We used to sow mustard as a dig in soil additive/compost/fertilizer. Maybe let some go to seed and try it.

That's what is called "green manure".

That's what is called "green manure".