Mid-July Garden Update

This time I decided to add some photos. They are photos of the really happy stuff -- I guess we call that marketing.

In any case, the strange weather continues and gardening continues to be interesting. Recently, we have had a lot of wind which is something for January and February, not now. The unpredictable weather makes it hard to decide what to try to grown and what goes inside the plant house vs. outside.

On the doing well list are the parsley which is a permanent crop and the oregano. There are also assorted peppers (tabasco, jalapeño and the typical locally-grown hot peppers grown here) all doing fine. Carrots and onions are doing OK. There is also a bit of basil. In one corner of the plant house we have a papaya tree. We didn't plant it, it just happened. It is near the edge and I am bending it so it will grow outside. I think it will be a success.

I planted lettuce (oak leaf and tom thumb) many times and salad greens which means assorted lettuce and lettuce-like stuff. Ants consume most of the lettuce seeds but the salad greens are doing well. I continue to re-plant radishes which do fine and bok choy is now our official weed growing in the garden, near the house and most anywhere else.

Swiss chard did not do well but kale is doing OK. They are both outside the plant house. We have new chiltoma seedings as the existing plants are old and clearly need to be replaced. Outside we continue to have zucchini which grow, start to fruit and die -- generally due to a weather change. Four tomatillo plants are still around but I figure the weather changes will probably due them in.

My luffa crop is expanding. Not ready to retire on loofa revenue but there are some pretty huge fruit out there right now. The horseradish continues to survive -- no matter what I do to it which is no surprise.

Finally, while we don't have much okra (for assorted reasons) there are a few plants. The flowers are a surprise.