Quail and Chickens

Anyone know where to get some quail other than Matagalpa. I have already got some from there and what another source to mix up the genetic lines. Also, looking for some good chickens to free range. The local "Indian" chickens you see in the campo just don´t put on enough meat and the Engordos don´t free range. Thanks

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My suspicion is that you're going to have to do some confinement

...to get any weight on any chickens. For tender, you grow them fast on first high protein food, then less high protein food, and slaughter at about six weeks. My neighbors were buying hens and feeding them up in the back patio (pre-Lola, who chases birds of any size). Basically, that's going to be stewing hen.

If the area has predators (cats, dogs, opossums, skunks, weasels, etc.), the chickens need to be able to fly. And if they fly, they're not going to be particularly heavy (the local birds here appear to be around the size of Rhode Island Reds and look like general purpose birds, and can fly at least up into trees).

I've seen "free range" egg operations in Virginia where the birds were in paddocks -- more room than confinement, but not running free (not crowded either). A good cat will keep the rats down and a dog that's been trained to leave chickens alone will keep the other predators away.

Rebecca Brown

Most "free range" are

Most "free range" are confined to an area to protect them. Organic free range rules generaly stipulate 170 sq feet per bird. This leaves enough room to where the birds wont scratch the ground bare. They will free range during the day and be put up at night and I have a good chicken dog. I guess basically what I am looking for is good blood lines. Maybe, someone knows someone who has good quality broodstock I could buy. Thanks

Don`t know

but I`d track down an agronomist at one of the local NGOs. They get around.

Got to admit, some of the most pathetic things I`ve ever eaten were ``pollo de patio``.

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