is it worth shipping items from home to nicaragua

Just picking everyones experienced brains out there. We are moving to Nicaragua and are wondering if it is worth the hassle to have house contents from Canada shipped to Nicaragua.....any comments on how to do this and if it is worth it are welcome!

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My advice to you is, if you

My advice to you is, if you have a friend who's living the country it's better, give the package to him and calculate the package weight and give him some $ to mail the package in U.S not from Nicaragua.

One consideration

is do you have a place to put this stuff on the Nicaraguan end?

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I had the benefit of having good look at what would work here

Or not. The answer was not much.

So come the time I had a 50 pound bag full of kitchen stuff and another with clothes etc. We use the kitchen stuff daily but the clothes could have stayed in Canada!

It would depend on what sort of house you are putting it in, what sort of quality the stuff is and do you want to look at the same stuff or go Nica...Wicker chairs, a rocker etc.

As an example, a serviceable hand made wooden table and 4 chairs is 150 bucks here. Anything cheaper than that from home will be particle board and crap.

My Lagostina cookware is indestructible, I am glad I brought it down.

Congrats on the move, be a

Congrats on the move, be a nice break from the heat here in ontario lol