Driving to Nicaragua from the US


Does anyone have any info to help me find someone that I can hire to drive a box truck full of material from the US to Nicaragua. I have contacted several Nicaraguan guys but have gotten the "run around". Any info would be helpful, if you have hired anyone in the past what was the price, did everything arrive that was shipped? Thanks Bill

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Save yourself from killing a jar of asperine. DONT DO IT, sell everything except what fits in your car or truck and buy new or used in Nicaragua. I did the same thing several years ago thought i was smart but it was the most stupid miserable thing i ever did to myself. ANd that bribe part get used to it. It cost almost 6 k before i was done, Bribes fees being robbed by aduana in Guatamala I never wanted to kill myself so badley in my life. Could have shipped a container for Half. Plus you have no idea how much taxes will be on you stuff and it will suprize you. Ya there are laws that say you can do this reasonably but the law is determined by the person in charge at aduana that day.

I love the passion in this post. You can feel the pain.

Concrete man....if Buddyruff went through all that....you owe it to him not to try it. Just sayin.

Some days

we excel at brutal honesty. It's good stuff you never find in a book.

If you do a search

of this site you will get info from people who have made the drive recently.

I would suspect the most annoying thing would be to get a truck load of goodies thru 4 or more customs stops. I assume part of the plan is to nationalize the bobtail here.

If I were a Nicaraguan of character I would be scared to death to undertake such a job, especially if the owner were not coming with me. He,s going to risk his life and probably get called a crook for what other people steal.

"You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality." Ayn Rand

I'm not sure you can do this

If you can, it is going to either require that you "sell" the truck to the person driving or have a bunch of interesting paperwork. Driving a vehicle down in one thing but if the owner of the cargo is not in the vehicle this seems like a disaster waiting to happen.

Most would have a visa issue

As in flying or otherwise getting to the states first.

some relatives

here brought down 2 vehicles a year ago. they put the little one inside a truck and drove it down. they put the vehicles in the name of the relative here and had written authoizations for a 3rd relative to drive it down. Remember , however, that you have to cross at least 4 borders, so your paperwork has to keep 4 countries happy. they said bribes were paid all along the way. the relative here spent 2 days at the border before she could take possession.

In your case, if you are a Nica resident, you would be able to keep it in your name, but look into who would receive it and register it here in your abcense.

Another friend had relatives send down a car. when they were all done they said it would have been cheaper to just send it by boat or buy it in Managua. 2-3000 miles of driving plus all the related fees is nothing to sneeze at.. especilly in a vehicle that gets poor gas mileage. I think it would be very risky to send the truck down with only one driver, especially if the truck were loaded with goodies.

"You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality." Ayn Rand

Some more info dribbled down

from the relatives--their vehicles traveled down in a convoy with others. Probably makes sense for protection from small time criminals and for roadside emergencies. How you will find reliable people to convoy with is beyond me.

"You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality." Ayn Rand

Convoy Is

a very good idea. Even if it's just two or three.