Moving stuff?

Once upon a time I knew a guy who shared my basic philosophy - own nothing more than a pair of boots and a sleeping bag.

He's now a pharmacist and I'm a shifty old poop with too much stuff to throw away and too little to ship anywhere.

But, as Cap'n Ahab's kid brother Ed might have said: There be others. Maybe you. Maybe you got stuff and the money to move it around here and there, in armored containers.

In that case, you could try GoodMigrations LLC.. It's like Yelp for movers. Looks pretty new, not many reviews there yet, but it is better than a poke in the eye with the wrong end of a hamster.

If you want to find, say, a mover going from Your City, USA to Foreign City, Elsewhere, you are SOL (sorry, untranslatable technical term). You get a list of movers in your area, links to their web sites, and the important part is left as an exercise for the seeker (you).

However, you can access their full list of movers via the colored alphabetic circles at the top of the Find a Mover page.

After some dinking around I did get some good general info via the web site of an outfit named Rainier Overseas Movers. See their Rainier Overseas Guide to Intl Shipping.pdf (530kB).

It looks like the same info is available online at the "Your Personal Guide to Shipping Household Goods" page in case you're allergic to PDFs.

So have at it then.