Direct TV Everywhere

Well, I tried it and it's just a Beta, but for someone addicted to Weeds, Spartacus, and Magic City it might beat that huge satellite antenna I was looking at (advantage of the really big ones is that they break down into smaller pieces). Plus, the pieces don't look like a satellite antenna when they are disassembled. I was planning on telling the customs people that it was concrete forms for an igloo, like at Cool Top.

I suspect that DirecTV Everywhere will require going through a proxy server in the US (no big deal; I can upgrade my 12 Mbps connection in Boise to 50 Mbps for a few bucks/month and already maintain telnet and ftp servers there anyway so adding a proxy server is not a big deal).

The service seems more an attempt to compete with NetFlix (trying hard to sell content) but I did look at a couple of STARZ Magic City episodes. Resolution was less, and I had to pause the playback to allow the streamed content to get ahead. The internet connection where I'm currently at is poor. . .

Will the entire DirectTV content eventually be streamed? I spent some time googling but couldn't get a definitive answer.