False Bluff (in RAAS)

Long-time NL member wholly_mary sent an "access problem" request to us. She was fairly active here a few years ago and then seemed to have disappeared. Well, disappeared is clearly the wrong word. What she did was actually get herself to Nicaragua.

Her story is far from what you would expect for "usano from Virginia moves to Nicaragua". She is certainly havinng an adventure on the coast in RAAS. You can find the story in her blog falsebluff.blogspot.com. It is filled with both useful information (my favorite was "termite fishing") and adventure. Very different from "I rented a house in Granada or San Juan del Sur".

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Falsebluff Blog Is Terrific!

falsebluff.blogspot.com. is a great blog, lots of interesting detailed pictures of a simple and efficient house with a thatched roof, which look a lot more beautiful, sustainable and quiet than zinc.

What a challenging project for ex pats to carry out, with lots of help from experienced Nicaraguans. Based on the pictures of what they have accomplished, they seem to have a very competent team to carry it out.

Some photos remind me of the beautiful, deserted beaches in Papua New Guinea on the Bismarck Sea and Gulf of Papua. I doubt that many of the Papua New Guinean coasters have replaced their traditional thatching with tin to this day.

Wholly_Mary is a good, informative writer too. Thanks for posting the link.


So much to Nicaragua. Rivers to run, endless exploring. The Caribbean coast is especially interesting.

These people seem to be doing very well . . . found their niche.